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Rescue Remedy

Good for: Anxiety, emotional upset or panic

Because: Rescue Remedy, the most popular of the many flower remedies, is a blend of five different flower essences, each countering a particular type of stress. Flower remedies are made mostly from wildflowers infused in water, then filtered and preserved with equal parts brandy. Medical evidence detailing if and how flower essences work is sparse, but that doesn’t keep many integrative physicians from swearing by them. “Flower remedies fall under the art of medicine and the heart of healing,” says Teitelbaum. “Who the heck knows how they work, but they do.”

How to: To manage everyday stress, place four drops on the tongue three or four times a day. Or dilute the drops in a glass of water and sip throughout the day. For acute stress or anxiety, take four drops every 20 minutes until feelings subside.

Tip: One of the biggest perks of flower essences is that they have absolutely no side effects. Alcohol-free versions of Rescue Remedy are available for children and pets.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/11-must-have-healing-remedies.html#ixzz17rcCl4q8


Dec. 3rd, 2010 12:55 pm
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In needing to become more familiar with the positions of the 7 major chakra points in the hand, I drew the numbers in the chakra colours on the corresponding points. I then noticed there was a star pattern in there so I traced the points in order ... interesting and lovely.

Now to do some catching up on where I've been ...

I have been studying and learning new things one of the most exciting and spellbinding being channeling Source/Universe. Some individuals pop in too, but it seems to be primarily the collective voice of 'them'. So exciting! And, I have the opportunity to not only Master/Teacher Certify in Usui Reiki soon, but also in Kundalini Reiki. This is terrific stuff!

My first Reiki Sitting will be held this coming Tuesday, December 7th and will repeat every Tuesday for the month of December. I am offering tea and community and reiki balancing especially attuned for the holiday rushing season. Maybe you can join me? Please do! $10 donation respectfully requested :)

The holiday are a huge point of stress and along with there being less sunlight, it creates a pin point target for overwhelm and depression. In the coming days, I will be addressing these issues and how Reiki and Flower Essences may help.

Stay in touch! Namaste - Gayle!
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Don't define yourself into a corner.

So often, we identify ourselves using certain personality traits. "I'm not a morning person." "I'm disorganized." "I'm a slow learner." "I can't sit still."

Each time we do this - state, "I am X" with such conviction - we are putting ourselves in a tightly-sealed box that automatically discounts all other possibilities. And often, these are just stories about ourselves - not the truth.

For instance, say one way you define yourself is, "I'm bad at technology." Think of all that implies: that you're incapable of learning or solving problems, that you're dependent on others for all things technological. It also may block an avenue to a dream. Most of what we do today depends on some form of technology. If you so firmly believe that you can't do technology, how many doors are you subconsciously closing?

What you might do instead is examine what led to this belief about yourself in the first place. Instead of saying, "I am lazy," change the story to "I'm someone who can occasionally be sluggish. I wonder what that's about?" It could be when you were young, your mother called you lazy so often and for so long that you forgot that that was someone's opinion, and began to believe it as truth about yourself. Such realizations bring instant freedom from beliefs that imprison us.

Next time you catch yourself saying, "I am X," see if you can untangle yourself from that story. Remember that you are much, much more than any one characteristic, and you are capable of anything.

Believing in the bigger You,

The staff at Owning Pink
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In not feeling very inspired this week to think or write about essences [I have been focused on power/totem animals and practicing meditative trance to drumming]. I am also preparing [albeit only mentally at the moment ... as in mentally warning the plants maybe?] to thin, move and remove my beds of irises. They are thick and unruly and being by the front sidewalk gather garbage. There may be a metaphor here ...

Iris derives it's name from the Greek word for 'rainbow'.

Full disclosure ... irises are my favorite flower :-)

Positive qualities:
Inspired artistry, deep soulfulness which is in touch with higher realms; radiant, iridescent vision and perspective.
Patterns of imbalance:
Lacking inspiration or creativity; feeling weighed down by the ordinariness of the world; dullness.

" ... As the physical body needs air to breathe, so does the soul need inspiration in order to live.
... Iris is a fundamental remedy for restoring and revitalizing the soul. It is indicated not only for those who are on a specific artist path, but also for many individuals who need to bring passionate creativity to their life work.

Iris flower essence impels the soul to create and cultivate beauty, within itself and within the world. It is an excellent, universally applicable remedy for initiating and sustaining development through flower essence therapy and other applied healing arts; for the flowers are the soul colors of Nature. Thus Iris flower essence helps the inner life of the human soul harmonize with the Soul of Nature, and in this way to become alive, and truly “iridescent.”

- excerpted from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz.

Iris used in aromatherapy and as an herbal has a sedative effect on the mind and body.

"Iris has strong psychological effects. Its heavenly scent helps balance the mind, dissolves mental or emotional blocks, and heals inner hurts. It helps stimulate creativity, intuition, and love. ... The essential oil also functions as an expectorant, blood detoxifier, and diuretic." [easyhomeremedy.com

These qualities of detoxification appear to be echoed in the essence as the ability to clear the mind, kindle creativity and clarify the soul's purpose.

Something that occurs to me as well is the massive variety of irises. Irises come in many colours, shape and form and grow in very different environments depending on the species. From the shaded forest floor to a swampy marsh in colours ranging from white to the blackest purple it reveals itself as an example of the variety that creativity and inspiration can take on.

Everyone approaches life in the same manner. [Our lives being a true work of art and a masterpiece always in progress!] Iris then is an appropriate essence for anyone at anytime and could be included in an initial formula as it offers an awakening and renaissance to not only the person but also in the therapeutic process. What is therapy, after all, but a form of creativity?

So back to uprooting and thinning and replanting my irises. Is it that creativity and inspiration have gone amok and now needs rethinking plus a different place to spread it's roots? A place where overwhelm [weeds] and garbage the ordinariness of the world] will no longer fowl it's beds? A chance to transplant my favorite flower to a place where I will see them in a better perspective? [i.e. out my back door ... one of my favorite gazing places.]

that's a bit of Feng Shui for plants and energetic thinking!

Here's to inspiration and beauty finds you this week ...

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I find it very funny that the essence of the week is one for sensory overload and over stimulation by the outside world ... and I am having an extraordinarily difficult time sitting to write this! LOTS of distractions!! Regardless, I have been taking the Dill and maybe not writing but I have accomplished a lot and moved forward in many strong ways. So let's see ...

Dill (Anethum graveolens)

The computers, the news, the bills, the friends, however well meaning, needing your attention, the cats need to eat? ... let's watch tv to settle down and the commercials and traffic and ... and our spirits and thoughts call 'UNCLE!' and we are diffused and have exploded in a thousand different directions ... Dill ... Dill helps us slow down the cacophony, at least mentally and spiritually and then encourages the integration and internal stepping back of our mind in order to integrate all the sensory experiences and appreciate what is going on around us.

Not blinders to remove it all, but a means to relishing the treats all around us.

This is not to say that we may not need to step back and relax from the 'noise', but, when we do not have that luxury, Dill is here to support us and help us get what needs to be done done in the midst of mounting daily pressure.

Interestingly enough, as an herbal, Dill is used as a stomach remedy relieving gas and increasing the stomachs ability to digest. Think of that then energetically and it assists us in the ability to stomach things, namely the world and noise around us, and then, even better, to release it therefore finding ourselves back in comfort and ease.

Super, huh?

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Aloe Vera (aloe vera)

This is such a wonderfully simple essence ... aloe vera [the 'true'[vera] aloe] is used for stress and overwhelm. Stress, overwhelm and burnout. Stress, overwhelm, burnout and fatigue/exhaustion. Stress, overwhelm, burnout, fatigue/exhaustion and breakdown. Stress overwhlem, burnout, fatugue/exhaustion, breakdown and ...

OK. I think you might get the picture?

Aloe Vera is BALM in a Bottle and works to create centering in the core of your body allowing balance, renewal and rejuvenation. Rest. A break instead of a breakdown.

Now notice the photo I used ... a mandala of green. Gaze at the center and breathe. See your heart. See the ball of stress and spiky leaves. But ... succulent leaves full of balm and soothing. Cool. There's a breeze. ... and as you let go of each spiky stress and you open and open and open ... there's is the rosette in the center. You are opening and finding calm with each breath, with each reaching succulent arm ... outward and upward and open. Breathe. Balm.

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Star Tulip [Calochortus tolmiei]

Positive qualities: Sensitive and receptive attunement; serene, inner listening to others and to higher worlds, especially in dreams and meditation.

Patterns of imbalance: Feelings of being hardened or cut-off, inability to feel quiet inner presence or attunement, unable to meditate or pray. [FES Essence descriptions]

Also called "Pussy's Ears," this Star Tulip is native to the western coast of the United States. It is a marvelous picture of feminine sensitivity, with its delicate mauve color, and flower petals filled with exquisite hairs. The flower essence develops inward receptivity, the capacity to listen and receive from others, with a more inward, or meditative soul life, greater awareness of dreams and inner guidance. Of various Calochortus flower essences this Star Tulip – which grows on the mist and fog-enshrouded coastal bluffs – is the most inward in its effects, enhancing meditation, dream recall, and particularly encouraging men to contact their anima, or inner feminine qualities. [Flower Essence Society: Lilly Family]

Two other FES essences enhance one’s ability to listen to the child's [a person's] needs. Star Tulip develops one’s receptivity and inner female, so it is an excellent choice during pregnancy for creating that inner womb and ability to listen for inner guidance. Yellow Star Tulip develops one’s empathic ability – to be able to know what the baby [a person] is feeling and how best to respond to those feelings. A great choice both before and after birth. [Vibration Magazine Blog]

I am not surprised at this being a West Coast/Pacific flower and vibration ... the tectonic shifts are deep and long there and this essence brings that sort of personal shift into alignment. What was broken knits and joins and creates a whole again ...

Star Tulip keeps coming up in essence formulas I have been mixing for people, and as THE most important formula to be aligned to at this time. It's a deep part of the Awakening going on and the paradigm shift occurring. As part of the awakening it is a form of psychic re-birthing and there is a whole new language within it that we need to listen to and become familiar with. Familiar again, because I really feel it's in our innateness as living things to be in this state of awareness.

As I write this I'm being downloaded with more information in creating a formula to assist all those feeling and working thru this shift. It's a huge spiritual [not religious, although some will see it as such] time and we can use all the help we can get. It won't necessarily be easy as this shift can bring pain while we open old wounds and integrate them into our now to become whole ... essences are perfect for this time [as is Reiki] and Star Tulip, in particular, gently opens us up like a chalice to the higher self.

There may be more this week as this awakening formula comes to fruition. There is always more ...

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OAK (Quercus Robur)
strong, unwavering, steadfast and with tremendous faith but not knowing when to pull back and rest ...

"For those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well, or in connection with the affairs of their daily life. They will go on trying one thing after another, though their case may seem hopeless. They will fight on. They are discontented with themselves if illness interferes with their duties or helping others. They are brave people, fighting against great difficulties, without loss of hope of effort." - Dr. Edward Bach

"Oak Flower Essence:Positive qualities:
Balanced strength, accepting limits, knowing when to surrender.
Patterns of imbalance:
Iron-willed, inflexible; over-striving beyond one's limits.

Oak flower essence addresses many positive masculine soul traits of endurance, strength, and perseverance. These are the admirable qualities of the Mars-like hero, but they become a source of illness and dysfunction when they are not balanced with Venusian grace and gentle surrender
The Oak personality presses the limits of endurance; such persons are capable of enormous achievement. They are able to truly serve and help others because of their tremendous wellspring of willpower. However, this very strength can also become too rigid the unrelenting demands and expectations which they have for themselves eventually take a toll in the physical health and inner happiness of the soul, until finally the individual is forced by circumstances to acknowledge that he/she is not all-powerful.

Oak flower essence teaches such persons the positive attributes of surrender and acceptance of limitation. Through Oak flower essence, the naturally strong capacities of the soul are balanced with the inner feminine Self, which learns to yield and to receive help from others when necessary."
[from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz.]

This is a masculine/yang energy. Strong and steadfast but also stubborn and unbending. Indeed the positive qualities are qualities to embrace, but when an Oak energy pervades and becomes unbalanced, then despondency and despair, and even feelings of being taken for granted, can be prevalent.

Oak releases the need constant striving and unyielding strength.

Try this ... Take a deep breath and hold it. Keep holding it. Feel the pressure in your chest? Keep holding! Feel the urgency to release, but you are not releasing ... hold for one more second!! ... is there slight panic? Now let it out with a long sigh ... phew! You feel so much better and the relaxation that comes with that release, blessed. It's rest. It's a moment of peace. It's balance.

"How does it feel to let go of something you have been holding onto for so long that no longer serves you?" - davidji/the chopra center

As part of this exercise, I am taking the Essence of The Week and noting the effects and the 'pings' that hit the chords. Oak ... I slept for 2 and a half hours this afternoon. Deep sleep. It ht me rather suddenly but, do you see it as the letting go? Releasing the held breath? The body's reaction to stress is to shut down and pull you back ... it we fail to listen to that call the tension and stress builds to higher heights. muscles tighten and even our thinking becomes ridged.

Oak not opens only our bodies to rest from the stresses and over striving in our lives, but also calms our thoughts and emotions offering newer ways of thinking through the issues.
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Flower Essence of the Week: Forget-Me-Not
Forget-me-not (Myosotis silvatica) flower essence "is an important essence to be taken into consideration after the initial stage of the mourning feeling caused by a dear relative's death; it can also be very useful to one who never fully resolved the isolation and abandonment issues after the death of an important family member, or a friend, during childhood." (Flower Essence Repertory).

However, it has occurred to me that it is also important in the therapeutic process when one is in a 'dark night of the soul'. They are at a deeply personal crossroads. Very often this is a deeply held belief or learned emotion/behavior and letting it go causes a certain amount of grief and anxiety and, I dare say, a certain amount of abandonment as this issue could very well have been a comfortable place to reside.
Forget-me-not, in this case, assists in reconnecting ourselves to our own true nature and reinforces our connection to the human family.

On another note, it is blue, the color that supports and identifies the 5th chakra [Vishuddha] ... "The emotion for the 5th chakra is faith and understanding. Because the 5th chakra is located in the throat and governs higher communication, speaking, hearing and listening, it helps us to understand our inner truth and convey it with our voice to the outside world."[nothingbutyoga.com]

At this point I believe it to be one of speaking our desires, our truth and Forget-me-not paves the way not only for remembering, but also for the verbal communication of, and listening to, what our soul sings.

~ namaste ~
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Pillar of Flame
One summer night, we took my parents' grill & we put in some sticks & paper & soaked the whole thing in lighter fluid & then my friend turned on his shortwave radio & we listened to some scientist in Houston who was saying where Apollo was at that moment & at the exact time it went over us, we lit the stuff in the grill so the astronauts would look out & see this light & they'd say 'What the hell is that?' & we danced around the pillar of flame & sparks laughing wildly because while the astronauts were out there unlocking the mysteries of the universe, we were back home in Chicago making more of them. - Story People [brian andreas]
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"To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."  - William Blake

Dr. Oz:
... And William Blake's quote so beautifully identifies that because what he's really talking about is this concept of complementarity, a term that was coined actually by Niels Bohr, the famous physicist in the 1920s. And complementarity was a term that meant that you could have two mutually exclusive answers to a problem and they could both be right. Now how could that be? Well, in physics, it was wave theory and particle theory. It was a thought that energy could be both in a bolus and in a wave. Why? Because it didn't actually ever exist in either form. It was a tendency to exist in a particular location that defined it. And once you got past your concrete thought processes about what energy was, you could actually come to peace with this complementarity of reality. William Blake is talking about the same thing. How can the world be in a grain of sand? How can infinity be in a second? How these are mutually exclusive possibilities? It challenges your basic underlying understanding of what reality really is. And when you move past a physical understanding of reality and start to acknowledge a more spiritual foundation for what reality truly is, you begin to realize that we live in a world where 99 percent is pretend and 1 percent is real. And what we're striving for as human beings is that unmodulated experience, that unmitigated exposure to the 1 percent of reality. And that's where medicine has taken me, and that's where patients who are struggling to survive are going.

Ms. Tippett Well, I certainly hear the analogies in this idea of complementarity and what you are exploring and experimenting with in medicine, which might seem to some to be two very different worldviews of Western medicine and traditional approaches to medicine. I mean, you've also observed that traditional medicine does make room for a nonphysical aspect to the human being, to energies that can be involved in healing in the way that Western medicine doesn't. There is this acknowledgment of a reality of transcendence in these lines of Blake as well.

Dr. Oz: Yeah, I think Blake highlighted that beautifully in his poetry. I think it's evident in many of the stories that we face in our lives, but we have to open our eyes and our ears to hear and see them. And that's often where our shortcoming is. That's where, crazy as it sounds, being ill offers you a growth opportunity because you're much more willing to pay attention to subtle things if you have the threat of that experience being taken away from you.

an interview with Dr. Mehemt Oz on Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet

There are so many bits from this that I wanted to share ... I just needed to hand you the link and hope you will follow it ... it's 45-50 minutes but it goes by fast ... and you can just listen while doing other things which is really nice too.

I hope you enjoy it ... if nothing else, I find Krista Tippet's conversation thought provoking if not heart warming. Enjoy!

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"Whenever people come into our lives, they have come for a reason, to show us something about ourselves that we have not been able to see. When unhealthy people try to hook us into their patterns with mind games and power trips, we can remind ourselves that we have something to learn here and that a part of us is calling out for healing. This takes the focus off the troubling individual and puts it back on us, giving us the opportunity to change the situation from the inside out."

check out Daily Om

that is all for now ... (hug)

story time

Aug. 14th, 2010 07:31 am
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We all have favorite personal stories that we share over-and-over with people and that make annual rotations in our heads.
I wonder what the ones we hold on dear to say about us ... is it/would it be worth it to analyze them or is it best to just let them go ...

If we were to analyze the favorite story of another ... could it/would it help us to help them/understand them better in some way?

I can catch myself in a story. Say, "Oh, I'm sure you've heard this before ..." and then continue to tell it anyway because it may have a different relevance to what we are talking about.

But, I doubt it :)

This is going to be something that I listen to for a while. See what comes up and into the mix and then I shall report back ... if it is relevant ;] ... and if I remember ;]

I n the meantime ... what are some of your most repeated stories?


Aug. 8th, 2010 10:41 am
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"I am of the opinion that you can't rank human beings. Every person has something to contribute tot he welfare of the next human being. No two people think alike or look alike, and everyone has something that another person does not have, Who's to say who is higher and who is lower? In terms of the essence of human beings, I don't feel it's proper to rank them because we don't really know what their mission in life is." - Rabbi Yehuda Krisnsky
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What do I need to know at this very moment for my highest good ... ?

Card One:
Queen of Coins
Be playful and stay open -- the possibilities are endless.

Card Two:
Ace of Swords
Your enthusiastic stewardship is producing dramatic results.

Card Three:
The Star
Clarify your motives before you get involved.
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Ordered the book I am required to read toward mastering in reiki ... reiju empowerments continue ... they are there for me whenever I let go to them ... thinking about distance reiki and trust and being open and letting go ...

Sometimes the reiki healing I'm being sent and the reiju wake me ... it's such a peaceful waking that I don't even mind. I float along with it and see where it takes me ... usually, back to sleep :)

This morning, I woke, fed the cats and came back to bed thinking I could sleep more ... meditated instead.
I have been using Carolyn Myss's Morning and Evening Meditations for the chakras a lot. [This Will Give You An Overview Of The Guided Meditations]
More and more I have begun to apply Reiki hand positions to each chakra during the meditation. Powerful most days ... today, definetly.

So, among my wanderings, I began to consider the divide between the upper and lower chakras and the proposed hour glass shape of the heart chakra [as per Ms. Myss] ...

The heart chakra becomes the tributary between the two realms, so to speak [ah, and here lies the vesica pisces] ...

... the realms of spirit and earth ... the upper chakras being of spirit and the lower chakras being of earth/survival.
At the center where the expansions into each realm open is THE center of the heart ... the swirling green with bits of yellow and blue ... sparks of bright green fire. Turquoise. Gold. Cat's eyes. Flashes.

More often than not, our heart quickly pours out into one area or the other. There is a split second of decision, but it is the heart that always leads us one way or the other.

So, where am I going here? Something to do with giving and receiving ... I began to feel a 'clog' in the passage from one realm to the next. It is not an easy flow. There is a 'catch' ... something that makes it easier for me to give to your first three 'earth' chakras then to give to your upper three spirit' chakras. ... something that has initiated a separation of the to instead of a blending ... something that finds it difficult to connect heart to heart ... and when I do, I 'run'.

That one space in the middle .. that one clear true green spot that swirls with more power than the other 6 chakras combined ... constant merging, constant blending, constant mixtures and alchemy from moment to moment ... breath to breath ...

And now to 'work' on that and see what insight it brings along the way.

Oh, and also ... at one point in the meditation, I could hear CM's voice like I had never heard it before and suddenly realised that the tinnitus I have had for far too many years was hushed. No buzzing and hissing and ocean whooshes. the slightest high pitch ring but hardly there to boot ... lasted until about mid day ... looking forward to where THAT is going!

[PS. I bring you these stories here so that you may see what sort of process Reiki can bring after years of practice. What it brings to me. The experiential. It has become a spiritual path as well as a means of healing ... rich and deep and ever evolving. As we are ... ]


Jul. 31st, 2010 07:13 pm
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"Reiju empowerment... also used to "attune" (to use western term) students into higher levels of Reiki channeling.
Reiju connects the student to the Reiki source, strengthens this connection, and thus enables deeper and stronger Reiki flow. It is the student that has most important role in her [sic] development.
Reiju helps the student's progress in every aspect of their life, by enhancing the energy level in their bodies. This is also achieved by daily Reiki practice.

While reading an artical about Reiki I stumbled upon a term I did not know. Reiju. After doing some research online about and, having had this one page on my tabs all week, I decided to have a Reiju Empowerment. I contacted the email link and heard back from Don almost immediately.

I 'met' with Don Beckett this morning ... what is lovely is that he is in Hawaii ... but meet we did.

In Japanese Reiju means: "accepting/giving energy".(channeling energy)

At 845 this morning, after a nie hot shower, I sat in my practice room and assumed gassho [prayer position]. I breathed and relaxed and recited the precepts ... and then I waited ...

I had no idea what I was waiting for ... what would happen. I began to wonder just how long I should sit before I should check the time ... or what time it might be now? ... or ...

I look at the time [that didn't take long] and it's ... 942.


I could tell you everything that happened ... every millisecond in intimate detail ... but I won't.
What I cannot tell you, or describe, is how I have felt for the rest of the day but this I will try.

I feel like finely polished crystal. 'Jazzed' but not hyper. Tired but not sleepy. It wasn't until after dinner that my mind started to focus [and even that is 'wrong'. I have been focused all day!] and now I am tired still and grounded and ... present.

I really can't find the words. But ... I feel ... peaceful ... and ... still. Settled.

I am continuing with Don on a daily basis. My call. I asked for 21 days and then I will reevaluate and maybe go weekly.

Check out his page ... sign up for nightly Reiki healing. [I did that too - Wham! ;] and I'll keep you posted on progress.

It's been a great day.
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Beech. Impatiens. Lotus. The Essences of the Moment

The past few days have been rife with restlessness and existential chatter. The Who-Am-I's and What-Am-I-Here-For[s] ... and the heat ...

Restlessness, sleeplessness, active dreaming [therefore, not restful sleep] ... the persistent heat ... all make the environment rife for arguments and befuddlement.

When you are befuddled do you become embarrassed? Does this embarrassment then make you defensive? ... and then, does this defensiveness lead to disagreements?

Observing all of this I go back to the "Prozac in the water supply" thought and wonder what would help to make this cycle pass more effectively and less full of angst and confusion.

Beech is typically used to address 'bitchiness'. Short tempers ... the clenching of jaws, and "... a hyper sensitivity to personal environments, both physical and social."

Impatiens addresses unsettled impulses, irritation, and the need for stillness and patience. The "... over abundance of fiery force flares up easily into irritation, impatience, intolerance, and anger." the typical Ayurveda Pitta imbalance. Time to cool down!

Lotus encourages our equanimity, bringing a sense of space and grounded spiritual purpose. "Lotus is an excellent, all-purpose remedy for enhancing and harmonizing the higher consciousness ... " ... a good essence for overabundant ego.

Anything that would help you cool down and calm down are beneficial. Just acknowledging the presence of the daemon helps to put it back in it's place.

I have the urge to put all the essences [and lavender and peppermint oils] in a spray bottle and spritzing myself, the room, and whoever else seems to need it [... in a playful way ;]

cooling thoughts to one and all - namaste

[all references from Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, 1996]
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Wow. So to say the least. Star Tulip Flower Essence is throwing me for a loop! ... a good loop mind you, but ... wow. Star Tulip is an essence used primarily for bridging the gaps between this physical world and the spirit world.
I am kicking and screaming through it. As of this moment, I feel unbalanced between the two but primarily unwilling to leave the spirit world and ground myself ... or wait ... no ... or is it i am fighting letting go into the spirit world ... ? oooh ...

I feel like I'm on a boat... that floaty back and forth feeling AND my body/head has been taken over by some incredible muscle relaxant. I wish I could say I have taken something to feel this way but ... oh, wait ... I have. Ha! ok ...

So before you start thinking [and maybe you already have] ..."Why on Earth would I want to take Essences then? How are they supposed to help if they potentially make you feel worse?"

Good question!

I can tell you that from years of taking essences, I did not [and, in truth still do not] have this reaction. Please keep in mind, I have been taking essences since the mid to late 90's.

The typical reaction to taking essences is a gentle feeling of opening and blossoming. A peeling away of veils or the skin of an onion. Frequently, I would feel nothing at all but first would notice the reactions and actions of other people changing in subtle ways in regards to me.
The sort of thing I am experiencing now is referred to as a 'healing crisis' ... but 'crisis' is not the best choice of words, although, it feels critical ... hmmm ...

1.a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, esp. for better or for worse, is determined; turning point.
3.a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person's life.
a.the point in the course of a serious disease at which a decisive change occurs, leading either to recovery or to death.
b.the change itself.

... and just for fun ...

critical: b.
(of fissionable material) having enough mass to sustain a chain reaction.

heh ... I like that. Since we are talking energy here, that makes some sense!

So, back to it ... yes, this is a critical point in the therapy. This is when, and where, a lot of people would just want to stop taking it, and where I would administer Rescue Remedy or Soul Support and tell them to call me whenever they needed to for the grounding. i would send them and administer Reiki to aid in the balancing.

Then, ah! ... I need to take it myself, have a Reiki treatment, and ... call for grounding.

To me, experiential work is more valuable than book knowledge but the TWO and invaluable.
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I asked my pendulum which ONE essence would assist me with letting go to the abundance of the world ... the abundance that is 'rightfully' mine and that I seem to have a hard time letting in, seeing, and recognizing.

Start Tulip/Cat's Ears

Now, this was a bit of a surprise because I thought that the abundance issue would've come from a lack of feeling of roots, security or self esteem ... these are in the lower three chakras ... but Star Tulip addresses the higher self and it's bridge between earth and the spiritual. Body and Soul, so to speak.

"Cat's Ears often allows an animal [person] to integrate past life experience in ways that facilitate a lessening of fear and trauma so that the soul can move forward in the current life time unencumbered. It allows for a distancing from the more negative aspects of group soul or life stream consciousness as well, so that the animal is less likely to to be swept away in group panic or hysterical states.

Cat's Ears represents the "vesica piscies" or threshold between worlds. Cat's Ears is a remedy that not only cultivates an awareness of the other world, but treats the loneliness of one who travels there. Its use is indicated for individuals who need to bring something into the world or leave the "regular" world for something else. Cat's Ears is of assistance for those who have difficulty readjusting to life after a near death or otherwise prompted mystical experience. It can be very useful in the treatment disassociative [sic]...

Cat's Ear is a lonely plant, that treats conditions of loneliness... [from 'anaflora.com'] "

So, interesting that this would be what would be blocking my abundance ... I don't feel, or am not entirely of/in, part of this world.

Never really thought of abundance in this way.

Yes. There was trauma ... when I was 15 months old. Searing pain and hospitalization. A long time away from my family in that pain and strange smells, people, and pain. Third degree burns. Skin Grafts. Dressing changes. Who wouldn't dis-associate?
Add to this a mother who had a horrible case of postpartum depression [little to no initial bonding] ... her depression throughout my youth. Being left alone was normal for me. But I was never alone ... always my cat. My stuffed friends. The woods. ... my incredible imagination. Dress up ... being someone, something, else.

It carries over into the now.

So ... this is why self treatment is so important. When you honestly open up and listen you learn not only bout yourself, but about how to listen to the stories of others as well, and how to apply it.


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